From Left to Right: Artemis, Tango Tween, Buttons. (Collage by Rae Paoletta)

Gizmodo is proudly, unwaveringly pro-cat. A few particularly wonderful kitties happen to have humans employed at this fine establishment. Here are the good kitties of Catmodo, all of which deserve your scritches, wet food, and undying love.


Image Courtesy of Kelly Bourdet

Kelly Bourdet, Editor-in-Chief, Gizmodo:

“My cat is an asshole. He regularly breaks objects important to me, and he bites me when he’s hungry so I will do his bidding. Honestly, I’m scared of him.

I really think this pic of buttons having broken my 1000 piece puzzle reflects his personality perfectly: destruction and lording over that destruction.”


Artemis and Mafdet

Image Courtesy of Katharine Trendacosta

Katharine Trendacosta, Editor, Gizmodo/io9:

“The small one in front is Artemis, she is my brother’s cat and garbage. The big one is Mafdet. I have had her for 17 years and she is old and brilliant.”



Image Courtesy of Dell Cameron

Dell Cameron, Reporter, Gizmodo:

“Her name is short for Tinkerbell, which is what my dad named her, obviously against my urging.”



Image Courtesy of Rae Paoletta

Rae Paoletta, Space Writer, Gizmodo:

“She has a concerning obsession with large appliances. She worships the laundry machine.”


Tango Tangerine

Image Courtesy of Maddie Stone

Maddie Stone, Science Editor, Gizmodo:

“He’s really large but has an incredibly squeaky voice.”

Tween Helvetica

Image Courtesy of Maddie Stone


Maddie Stone:

“She’s extremely sassy if she doesn’t like you. She likes most women, but men, especially those with deep voices, should steer clear. She is a force of nature.”



Eleanor Fye, video producer:

“Her name is Lilac but I call her Birdie because she chirps at me constantly. She likes flopping next to me and being spooned with simultaneous belly rub action, and being kissed on the forehead. She is also an oval who hates dogs.”